Here's the Reason Heinz Condiment Packets Have a Number and Color in the Upper-Right Corner

An ad on X said that Heinz mayo or mayonnaise packets or sachets had a genius feature for the reason they have numbers and colors.

In January 2024, an advertisement was displayed to users on X (formerly Twitter) that showed pictures with circles around the numbers and colors on individual packets of Heinz mayonnaise. "Don't be the last to know the genius features on common items," the post in the ad read.

However, the post did not lead to any answers. Users who clicked on the ad were taken to an article with the headline, "Hidden Uses and Features of Common Everyday Items." The story displayed a massive list containing dozens of purportedly true tips, or "life hacks," as they're sometimes known. Heinz condiment packets were not even once mentioned. The ad was misleading clickbait, plain and simple.

For example, the article claimed that every home oven that has a drawer that's meant for keeping food warm. However, that's not always true, as we previously reported. With many ovens, a drawer is simply meant for storage.

Another claim in the article said that the circular indentations on milk jugs are to help them to not explode if they're dropped. We published our findings on that rumor, too.

As for the Heinz packets, which are also known as sachets, the company previously posted on X that numbers on the packaging simply indicate the filling line in the plant where each packet was filled with the condiment, whether it be ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or another product.

Only one of the two mayonnaise packets in the ad on X showed a blue color in the upper-right corner. Snopes contacted the @HeinzUK account via a direct message on X to ask why.

A person representing the account responded, "The blue mark acts as a guide for the sachet machine to cut the sachet at the correct length (so that all the sachets are the same size). It’s a fixed feature and only a certain number of sachets will have this mark while others will not."

In other words, the numbers and colors in the corner of the packets are simply meant to help guide their production.


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