Here's How To Get Those Tasty Little Minced Onions From McDonald's At Home

Chopped white onions on white marble
Chopped white onions on white marble - Alex Bayev/Shutterstock

If you're a fan of McDonald's burgers, you might be wondering how to replicate the very specific minced onions that the chain uses on everything from its regular hamburgers to its double cheeseburgers and even its Big Macs. (With the exception of its Quarter Pounders, minced onions are the standard for McDonald's burgers.) As it turns out, practicing your mincing in an attempt to get the same flavor and texture as those itty bitty burger onions isn't going to get you remotely close. In fact, doing so would be going about it all wrong. No matter how finely you mince, you're not going to get anything close to what's being served on those drive-thru burgers. What you actually need to do is head to the supermarket spice aisle and pick up some dehydrated white onions.

Instead of wearing out your wrist chopping and dicing until you have the most minuscule pieces of onion possible, the only prep these onions need is to be rehydrated with water. Literally, all you need to do is add water, then just wait for them to soak it up, and drain off the excess. It's as simple as that.

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From The Mouths Of McDonald's Employees

Pile of dehydrated onions in wooden bowl next to onions
Pile of dehydrated onions in wooden bowl next to onions - Narsil/Shutterstock

So, where is this information coming from? Former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz recently took to TikTok to spill the beans on how to make the itty-bitty onions at home. And it isn't the first time a previous or current employee has given away the key to the burger maker's famous topping either. Another worker shared the same information on TikTok a couple of years ago, including that the rehydrated onions are soaked overnight and then put in shakers after they are drained.

It's probably not a big deal that former or current employees tell the world about the unexpected way that McDonald's makes its onions, however. It would take a lot of work to recreate an entire McD's burger, and it probably wouldn't be cost-effective in the end, either. Between sourcing the exact buns, meat patties, and sauces, it would be easier and most likely cheaper to just hit up the drive-thru anyway -- especially considering that McDonald's even has its own exclusive blend of ketchup.

It's Not Just The Onions That Employees Are Blabbing About

Big Mac, McFlurry, McDonald's fries, and soda
Big Mac, McFlurry, McDonald's fries, and soda - Popartic/Getty Images

Former and current self-described employees appear to be pretty big on spilling what they consider to be the chain's secrets all over TikTok. Such as: Why is the ice cream machine always broken? As many people probably suspected, it's not. The catch-all term is apparently used when it's being cleaned, hasn't reached the proper temperature, and when the lines are too long, according to one worker on TikTok.

Another McDonald's employee shared how most of the breakfast items come pre-made and are just warmed up in the kitchen. Of course, most people probably wouldn't be all that shocked to find out that fast food pancakes, breakfast burrito filling, and folded eggs all arrive at the fast food restaurant already prepared.

Meanwhile, Chef Mike Haracz didn't just dish on how the minced onions are made, he also called out McDonald's for its uncooked onions following an announcement earlier this year that meat patties would be grilled with the onions on them. Apparently, that change never materialized -- much to the satisfaction of onion haters.

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