Here's Why Jessica Pegula Is Called 'The World's Richest Tennis Player'

jessica pegula net worth
What Is Jessica Pegula’s Net Worth In 2024?Michael Regan - Getty Images

We're only a few months into 2024, and it's already been a huge year for Jessica Pegula. Not only did she star in Season 2 of Netflix's Break Point, but she's currently the No. 5 female tennis player in the world.

Jessica is set to play in the Miami Open this week, both in the singles draw and as a doubles partner alongside Coco Gauff. If she ends up winning on her own, she’ll snag a cool $1.1 million.

Of course, Jessica has done well in many tournaments over the previous decade. And, while she’s never won a Grand Slam, she’s gotten close, earning plenty of prize money in the process.

So, what exactly is Jessica Pegula’s net worth? Here’s a breakdown.

She’s sponsored by Adidas, Yonex, and more.

Jessica brings in plenty of cash from her endorsement deals, which include Adidas, Yonex, Ready Nutrition, per Forbes. She’s also founder of the cruelty- and paraben-free skincare company Ready 24, as well as the non-profit A Lending Paw, which supports dog rescues.

In the past, she's also partnered with companies like Stella Artois—which actually came at the behest of tour bestie (and, sometimes, mixed doubles partner) Frances Tiafoe. When Tiafoe posted his campaign with the beverage company in 2023, Jessica commented, "How do you get a Stella deal? Nobody will cut a check for me," per But, just a few days later, she announced a partnership of her own.

"I love a brand that moves quickly," she jokingly added, "And can’t wait to see what else Stella has in store!"

Tiafoe's response? "😂😂😂😂😂 this is iconic," according to the publication.

Her career prize money totals nearly $13 million.

Jessica also brings in a ton of cash from her tournamnet wins. She’s netted $12,943,391 in career earnings, according to the WTA; in 2024 alone, she’s pulled in $560,145.

Some of her biggest earnings likely came from quarterfinal appearances in six Grand Slam tournaments. She has made it to the quarterfinals three times at the Australian Open, once at the French Open, once at Wimbledon, and once at the US Open.

Her parents, Terry and Kim, are billionaires.

Jessica isn't the only Pegula who's gotten attention for her earnings. Her parents, Terry and Kim Pegula, are billionaires. Terry founded East Resources, a natural gas producer, in 1983. Terry sold most of the company in 2010 to Royal Dutch Shell for $4.7 billion, per Bloomberg, and is currently worth $6.8 billion, per Forbes.

And that isn't the couple's only investment. Terry and Kim own the NFL's Buffalo Bills and the NHL's Buffalo Sabres. Kim serves as president of both teams, making her the first woman to be president of both an NFL and NHL team, according to CNN.

But Jessica, who has been referred to as the “world’s richest tennis player” by British press, has also spoken out about how she isn’t a billionaire—even though her parents are. “I personally don’t have that money,” she said during a press conference at Wimbledon in 2023, per

"It is what it is," she said of the nickname. "It doesn't really bother me. It would be nice if people didn't say that. But do I really care? I mean, not really… I don't really think it matters how much money you have."

What is Jessica's net worth?

While we can't be exactly sure of her net worth, Jessica's earned at least $12 million over the years in tournament winnings. Everyone's rooting for you, Jessica!

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