HGTV Star David Visentin Speaks Out After Hilary Farr's 'Love It or List It' Departure

After 19 seasons, a major change is coming to HGTV show Love It or List It. Hilary Farr, who as starred on the show with realtor David Visentin since 2008, has decided to move on to a new chapter in her career.

Hilary broke the news in an interview with People. She explained, "I've given it so many years of my life. It's got me through hard times. It's got the audiences through hard times. It has evolved into a mainstay of people's lives and it's been incredibly gratifying. But now it's time for me to move on and meet new challenges." Hilary told Vulture that she had become "bored" with the show, and "It felt very stale. It’s a very formulaic show."

The future of Love It or List It is uncertain, but Hilary expects her friendship with David to continue. She says they are like siblings and credits him for supporting her during cancer treatment. Hilary told People, "He had his little rough patches too here and there, and we were there for each other. Yeah, that's a biggie. I don't know that that's going to change." She added that their friendship "is not going to just disappear because we're not working together."

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Catherine Nguyen

Hilary said the news came as a surprise to David. She said, "He didn't believe me. He said, 'Oh, you say that.'" When Hilary broke the news on her Instagram account, David left a sweet note: "I will be phoning you regularly to soften your ‘David withdrawal’. No need to thank me…it’s what friends do. You will be missed! Congratulations ❤️"

Now fans are left wondering what will happen to David and the beloved series. HGTV has not made any announcements about the show's future, and there are still episodes left to air. Hilary said she "wouldn't be surprised" if they were looking for a new co-host. We'll be staying tuned to find out more details!

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