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10. Akshay Kumar – £23 million

The leading light of Bollywood’s action cinema has a huge number of product endorsements to his name, and starring in three huge hits films over the last 12 months has pushed him into the world’s top 10 earners.

The Highest Paid Male Actors Of 2016 Revealed

Dwayne Johnson has been named 2016’s highest paid actor by Forbes, which reveals that he earned £14 million more over the past year than the most well remunerated female star, Jennifer Lawrence. Fast and Furious star Johnson made £48 million in the 2015-16 timeframe used by Forbes, while Lawrence earned £34 million. The only other female actor who would make the male top ten, which also includes Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise and Matt Damon, is Melissa McCarthy (£25 Million). Check out the full top ten above, and the full list of female actors HERE. (Image credits: Getty)