Hilarious moment man uses drone to deliver toilet roll

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A supermarket worker thought of an ingenious way to deliver some toilet roll to his sister - by using a DRONE.

Pete Farmer's job means he is right in the middle of the coronavirus panic-buying but that didn't stop him making sure his loved ones had the loo roll they needed.

The 48-year-old lives only two streets away from his sister, Debbie Brazier, and decided to send her the airborne package as a joke.

The video shows the drone limbering up for it's flight, which Pete describes as only a ten minute walk for him.

He works for Morrisons distribution centre and says keeping stock up is a difficult process at the moment.

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"There is no shortage of toilet rolls or food, the warehouse is full and we are working long hours sending out supplies to the stores 24/7," Pete said.

"There really is no need to panic buy, stock is plentiful."

Pete, from Northamptonshire, said his sister asked for toilet roll after his night shift.

"I sent it for a laugh and thought it was funny to send it over that way."

But Pete adds the social changes the Covid-19 pandemic has caused means his method might not be unusual for long.

"You never know in three or four months it might be the only way to send things. Drones could be the only way forward."