Hilary Duff confronts ‘creepy’ photographer for taking pictures of children playing football

Roisin O'Connor
Actor Hilary Duff confronted a man taking photographs at a children's football game: Rex

Hilary Duff has shared a video that shows her confronting a man she says was a member of the paparazzi, after noticing he was taking photos of her children and others taking part in a football game.

The actor, 32, posted the uncomfortable exchange on her Instagram along with the caption: “Paparazzi shooting KIDS Go ‘practice’ your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!”

The video, which was taken on Duff’s phone, shows her approaching the photographer and asking if he knew anyone at the game.

When he responds that he does not, Duff asks him to stop taking photos of the children, to which he responds: “It’s legal.”

He offers to show her his ID after Duff, who has two children aged one and seven, says that he is making her and other parents feel uncomfortable, which she says is not enough.

“I’m asking you human-to-human, as a mother, if you don’t know anyone here, would you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football,” she says.

The man continues to insist he has a right to be there, claiming he was simply “practicing his photography” and that Duff’s “paranoia” is “unwarranted.”

“So I’ll just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram,” she responds, “and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you choose to do on a Saturday morning.”

The photographer accuses Duff of making the situation “creepy” before placing his hand over her camera lens, ending the video.

Fellow actor Busy Phillips was among those to write a comment supporting Duff.

“This isn’t about his job or his ‘rights.'” She wrote. “This is about his OWN perceived POWER over others. I imagine it’s the only time this pathetic person feels any power in his life. I know it’s illegal for an adult not with a child to be inside a playground – how is taking pictures of children without parental consent legal?!??”