This Hiroshima bomb survivor with a warning for G7

STORY: This woman is a survivor of the 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb

Now, 85-year-old Teruko Yahata hopes G7 leaders will act on nuclear abolition

Location: Hiroshima, Japan

Yahata was eight when an atomic bomb nicknamed ‘Little Boy’ was dropped on Hiroshima

(Teruko Yahata, Atomic bomb survivor)

"All of a sudden, the entire sky flashed and was illuminated in bluish-white, as if the heavens had become one huge, fluorescent light. I immediately fell to the ground and lost consciousness."

The atomic bomb destroyed the city, killing nearly half the city’s population

scores more suffered long-lasting injuries

"'Let's die together, while we're still together.' My mother pulled me from the ruins and began to pull futons and bedding from the cupboard."

Yahata regularly speaks at the city's memorial sites to remind people of the nuclear destruction

a message she hopes will filter through to the Hiroshima G7 summit in May 2023

"I want the G7 leaders to seriously acknowledge the inhumanity of nuclear weapons. They are weapons that can destroy mankind. I want them to strongly feel that these are terrible things and that they have to be abolished."