Hit apocalyptic thriller breaks Netflix's all-time top ten most watched movies

 Leave the World Behind.
Leave the World Behind.

Netflix’s 2023 apocalyptic thriller Leave The World Behind starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke has officially broken into the streamer's top 10 most-watched movies of all time.

Newly released figures show that the mind-bending Netflix original directed by Sam Esmail has claimed 8th place on the list after being released at the start of December last year. The streamer works out which 10 Netflix originals are the most popular by the amount of views they get in the first 91 days of being on the platform.

The film stars Roberts and Hawke as a strained married couple who, along with their children, decide to rent a remote property for the weekend, but their vacation is interrupted when two strangers show up at their door bearing news of a total media blackout. As the family struggles to trust the unknown pair, they must put their issues aside and work out how best to survive the potential apocalypse.

Leave the World Behind has so far generated 136.3 million views worldwide, with a total of 322.6 million hours watched, but what is even more extraordinary is the fact that the film still has almost 2 weeks until its 91 days are up, meaning it can climb even higher up the list.

At the top of the list stands spy flick Red Notice starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot, raking in an impressive 230.9 million views, followed by Leonardo Dicaprio’s star-studded political comedy Don’t Look Up in second place with 171.4, and sci-fi adventure The Adam Project at three with 157.6 million, also starring Reynolds.

Netflix also has a top 10 list for international movies currently topped by the Norwegian action flick Troll, and an English language series list which is unsurprisingly dominated by Tim Burton’s Wednesday. However, the most impressive victory has to be Squid Game season 1, the Koreon dystopian thriller that not only holds first place on the top 10 international series list but across the whole board with a staggering 265.2 million views.

Leave the World Behind and every other movie or TV show mentioned in this article is available to stream right now on Netflix. For more check out our picks for the best Netflix shows and the best Netflix movies.