The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug soundtrack will be released on Vinyl

Daniel Wood
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The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug soundtrack will be released on Vinyl
Peter Jackson in the Wellington Town Hall with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra behind him recording the soundtrack for 'the Hobbit Desolation of Smaug'

The soundtrack is arguably one of the most important things in the Middle Earth movies in terms of tension and atmosphere and Howard Shore has won awards for his 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Hobbit' Soundtracks. In fact Shore's soundtracks are very popular, which is why it's great news that his latest work for 'Desolation of Smaug' will be available not just on CD, or digital download, but also via vinyl as well!

The soundtrack was being filmed in Wellington Town Hall, which has been closed throughout, and performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, who cancelled their tour in order to record the score, and was only just completed three weeks ago. Orchestra Conductor Conrad Pope said this on Facebook

"With the superb first trumpet of the NZSO, Jon Dante celebrating the end of a series of some 29(?) sessions with the NZSO. Making music with the NZSO was wonderful and I look forward to working with them again - not only are they a superb concert orchestra, they are a remarkable "film orchestra" - they read difficult music accurately right out of "the chute". But now, after 3 pictures, recording sessions in Wellington and London, since June - it's time to sleep in, rest up and fly home and await the next assignment."

Doug Adams, the music journalist and author personally selected by Shore to document his work on the 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Hobbit' trilogies and who writes the text in the booklets that come with the CDs and scores added,

"The NZ performance is great and the music is entirely Shore's, don't sweat it. There's no news because people are … you know … working! This score is going to knock everyone's socks off; it's *phenomenal*. But don't look for details for a while yet. Work comes first, promotion after. The play's the thing."

So from that it's clear that a lot of work has gone into creating a score that's worthy of a film that includes a ferocious fire breathing dragon! Which means that fans of Shores music, or Middle Earth will likely want to get their hands on a copy of the soundtrack for some private listening! But thanks to a tweet from Adams, vinyl collectors can indulge themselves as well.

No further details about the soundtrack itself have been released other than Ed Sheeran's news that he'll be providing a new song entitled 'I See Fire' for the end credits of the movie which will be available on the soundtrack. However there's no news yet if it'll be on the vinyl version, which you can pre-order on Amazon. The vinyl version will be available from the 3rd of December whilst the CD version and special edition are set to be released on the 10th of December

Will you be picking up a vinyl version of the Desolation of Smaug soundtrack?

Daniel Wood is a long-time 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' fan after his dad read him both books as bedtime stories as a child. Of course back then he didn't understand a word he was hearing, so he's grateful they made films. Follow Daniel Wood on Twitter .

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