Holly Hagan's 'consistency' has led to weight-loss success

Holly Hagan thinks patience is key when losing weight credit:Bang Showbiz
Holly Hagan thinks patience is key when losing weight credit:Bang Showbiz

Holly Hagan believes "ten months of consistency" has led to her recent weight loss.

The ‘Geordie Shore’ star - who gave birth to her son Alpha in June 2023 - has admitted that it's taken time and patience in order to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

Alongside a photo showing off her impressive weight-loss results, Holly wrote on her @thefittyapp Instagram page: "1 year apart - 10 months of consistency, 40lb difference. This journey takes time. Especially post partum.

"We have to take it slow and build up that strength safely. 20 minutes was all I could do so that’s all I did.

"I started with our beginner programmes which I planned for myself to ease back in and I prioritised my daily walk. I made sure my calories reflected my activity level. (sic)"

Holly, 31, has urged her followers to "be patient" during their own weight-loss journeys.

The TV star said: "It’s hard to be patient when the scales stay the same for 4 weeks, even though you know you’re doing everything right.

"It makes you want to throw the towel in, but you have to think with logic and not emotion. WE DO NOT DEFY SCIENCE. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Holly previously admitted to being hurt by online comments about her post-pregnancy figure.

She said on Instagram in April: "I knew exactly what I was capable of and would get to where I wanted to be I just needed some patience and consistency.

"I'd love to say I didn't let the comments about my postpartum body get to me, but after a video went viral with thousands of people telling me how awful and abnormal I looked, it was really hard to show up and do my job."