Hollyoaks begins new issue-based story for Maxine Minniver

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has begun a new storyline for Maxine Minniver, following the removal of the facial scarring that she received during her final showdown with Eric Foster.

In tonight's (August 30) first-look episode, Lacey Lloyd picked up on Maxine spending ages scrolling through filters for a photo, which led to Max saying that she looked "weird" and other people were saying it about her.

Lacey questioned who was saying that, and picked up a leaflet she saw on the desk that was promoting various beauty treatments.

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Maxine admitted that the private doctor who removed her scar said she needed more treatments, prompting Lacey to say "you don't need any of that," which only caused Maxine to snap at her, and the two carried on their shifts not speaking to each other.

Vicky Grant them came into the office and saw the leaflet, and asked for the doctor's number to look into getting lip or cheek filler. Maxine instinctively took the leaflet off Vicky and tore it up, saying that she was "too young and too beautiful" to need treatments.

"And you do?" Vicky replied, which instantly made her see Lacey's point.

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Now they were back on talking terms, Lacey said she had been doing her research, and that Maxine wasn't the only person the doctor had tried to upsell further treatments to.

Has Maxine realised she was just being preyed upon, or will be she continue to be tempted by cosmetic treatments?

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