Hollyoaks reveals tragic twist in Sienna and Rafe story

sienna blake and rafe harcourt in hollyoaks
Hollyoaks reveals twist in Sienna and Rafe storyLime Pictures

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks continued its gripping storyline between Sienna and Rafe tonight, after the latter broke off their relationship.

Sienna has been attempting to get close to Rafe, Earl of Dee, in order to try and scam him. Sienna and Ethan's plan is faltering due to their arguing amongst themselves and Rafe's suspicious sister, Dilly. However, a new twist has arisen in the saga: Rafe is dying.

Early on in the episode, Sienna (Anna Passey) and Ethan (Matthew James-Bailey) confronted one another as Sienna accused Ethan of not being there for her while Ethan said that he saw her kiss Rafe. Sienna apologised but reassured him that it was simply all part of the plan, while she then went off to try and patch things up with Rafe.

sienna blake and rafe harcourt in hollyoaks
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Later, Sienna turned up at Rafe’s house only to be met with Dilly. Sienna tried to apologise to Dilly for not letting the anniversary of her and Rafe’s mother be about them. Sienna tried to bond with Dilly over the fact that her mother died when she was young, too.

Dilly initially seemed to warm to Sienna a little but quickly returned to being cold and suspicious of her. Sienna then did get to speak to Rafe and she demanded to know what was wrong and why he called it off. Rafe revealed that he knows that she doesn’t want him for who he is - that she wants his money and status as he’s seen “her kind” before.

Sienna promised Rafe that she wanted him but Rafe tried to call her bluff by writing a cheque for £50,000. Sienna, with tears in her eyes, screwed up the cheque and threw it away instead, before storming out.

rafe harcourt and sienna blake in hollyoaks
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Sienna then told Ethan what happened. Ethan was angry she didn’t take the money but Sienna said they should stick with the plan and that Ethan should try to woo Dilly in order to aid their plan.

Sienna said that she doesn’t want the plan to stop and Ethan accused her of having feelings for Rafe. Sienna, in turn, accused Ethan of having feelings for Dilly. Neither of them denied it.

Later, Ethan met a drunk Dilly at the club. Dilly tried to kiss Ethan but he stopped her before Dilly said that she knows he loves Sienna and that Sienna is falling for Rafe. Dilly then revealed the real reason that Rafe dumped her: Rafe is dying.

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