Hollyoaks star Matthew James-Bailey confirms surprising wedding storyline

sienna blake and ethan williams in hollyoaks
Hollyoaks star reveals surprising wedding storyLime Pictures

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks airs a surprising wedding twist next week, as Sienna Blake sets her sights on marrying newcomer Rafe Harcourt.

Sienna's boyfriend Ethan Williams comes up with the idea after learning that Rafe has inherited £35 million, but a strict clause dictates that he needs to be married first.

Ethan annoys Sienna by suggesting that she should trick Rafe by marrying him so they can get his money. Before long, though, Ethan and Sienna are back on the same page as they stage a fake break-up as part of the con.

Here, Matthew James-Bailey – who plays Ethan – shares details of what's to come.

sienna blake and ethan williams in hollyoaks
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How would you describe Sienna and Ethan's relationship?

"Where do you even start with Ethan and Sienna's relationship? Personally I think the two are made for each other. They're both flawed in their own ways but together they're perfect.

"They balance each other out so well and there's never a dull moment between the two. Two characters who have their darker sides but at the core have nothing but love and respect for each other."

Do you think Ethan should feel threatened by Rafe?

"I don't think Ethan is necessarily intimidated by Rafe as he's been in the underworld for most of his adult life – he's used to going toe to toe with the Warrens of the world or your Normas.

"What I do think Ethan is worried about is the wealth and the financial support Rafe brings to the table. Ethan has always seen himself as this 'middle of the road' man. Someone who's had to fight to get by and make a living the hard way.

"Rafe, however, is able to provide Sienna with her dream life with the abundance of wealth – the horses, the big manor, the endless land. I think he feels worried about how he can compete with that."

Do you think Ethan's bad boy ways have been tamed by Sienna?

"I wouldn't say Ethan's bad boy ways have been tamed by Sienna – I think Ethan has well and truly met his match in Sienna and she allows him to be himself, a side that you never really got to see of Ethan at the start.

"You're finally seeing Ethan being vulnerable and completely open and honest with a woman for the first time. Previously he was kind of subdued and shackled by Maya and had to be this strong, tough, hard faced character and somebody who had to be scary and intimidating, or at least try to be.

"But with Sienna, I think you see more of a vulnerable, goofy, romantic side to Ethan, which has just been dying to come out because he's never really had that bond with someone. Sienna has allowed him to be who he is. It's a really nice way of seeing it. Sienna really just allows Ethan to be himself."

sienna blake and ethan williams in hollyoaks
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What's it like working with Anna Passey, who plays Sienna?

"Anna is quite literally the perfect co-star. I think it's so rare to find two actors who have such great chemistry on and off screen. Luckily, it seems me and Anna have struck gold together. It's an absolute dream to come into work and be greeted by her smiling face. She's literally endless talent personified."

Can you tell us about Ethan's idea for Sienna to con Rafe by marrying him?

"It's mad, but that's what Ethan and Sienna do best and that's where they thrive. It takes time to convince Sienna, as it should, but Ethan's heart is in the right place. He just wants them to have their dream life in their own little bubble. Everything he does is for Sienna and the twins' happiness."

What would be your dream storyline for Ethan?

"Selfishly speaking, I'm a massive adventure and adrenaline junkie. It'd have to be a big budget episode. I'm talking, Ethan stumbles across an old map with the coordinates of a hidden fortune. He assembles a team – Sienna, three highly trained military personnel and Nana McQueen. They set off on an adventure of a lifetime."

Elsewhere in the village, Sam's recent issues with Zoe have left Ethan concerned. Can we expect more from this?

"First of all, can I just say I think Matthew McGivern who plays Sam is doing a great job.

"Ethan has always and will always have his family in his heart and he just wants the best for them. Ethan is just trying to educate and help Sam come to his senses and you can expect some fall out between the two of them."

sam chenwilliams and ethan williams in hollyoaks
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Dave has turned to partying as a way of dealing with the downfall of his relationship. Will Dave lead Ethan astray?

"We do find out some secrets from Dave and Ethan's past. Ethan has always looked at his older brother as a father figure and seeing him fall back into old and bad habits really has him stepping up and trying to help his brother out.

"However, temptation and peer pressure might have a role to play with the two of them…"

Which member of the Chen-Williams family makes you laugh the most off screen?

"I absolutely adore Lily Best [who plays Lizzie]. From the day we both met we had such a solid connection and it's basically snowballed into us being two best friends. I couldn't be more grateful for her friendship and the stupid amounts of laughs we have!"

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