Hollywood is 'a mess of anxiety' as it watches US election progress

Ben Arnold
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Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen and Kerry Washington (Credit: AP)
Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen and Kerry Washington (Credit: AP)

The overwhelmingly Democratic residents of Hollywood are 'a mess of anxiety' as polling results begin to come in across the US in the 2020 presidential election.

While Joe Biden has been the favourite to win the electoral college for some weeks now, the race is proving much tighter than most in the entertainment world are comfortable with.

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In celebrating the appointment of Sarah McBride to the senate, the first ever transgender senator in US history, Charlize Theron gauged the mood.

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“We are all a mess of anxiety right now but at least we can celebrate this incredible news,” she said.

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo, a vehement and vocal opponent of Donald Trump reminded followers to beware the 'red mirage'.

The 2020 election phenomenon will see the Republican party appearing to be in the lead in some states with on-the-day voting, but will not yet have counted or reported the huge numbers of absentee votes cast this year.

“Take a deep breath folks. Remember the #RedMirage we won’t know in important states tonight,” he warned.

Django Unchained star Kerry Washington and Canadian comic Seth Rogen have both called on voters in Arizona to stay in line to vote, a state which appears to now have been taken by Biden after being a Trump state in the 2016 election.

Meanwhile, Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks is medicating with ice cream.

Frozen's Josh Gad is also backing Biden for the win, but warning that Trump is seeking to delegitimise the vote and claim victory before all votes are counted.

As predicted, a close race will now hang on states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, where huge postal voting has been recorded, meaning that a result will not be arriving before the later part of this week.

Many other stars have also been weighing in.

Stars on the other side of the political fence are having a similarly fraught election night too. Outspoken conservative actor James Woods took at the pollsters who predicted a win for Joe Biden ahead of the vote, calling them ‘utterly inept’, while Happy Days star Scott Baio questioned the validity of the results so far.

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