Hollywood’s Weirdest Friendships That Made No Sense

Everybody loves a buddy movie - but what about when the stars seem really mismatched? It happens in real life too, as these strange pairings prove.

Elizabeth Taylor/Michael Jackson

The baseline for weird Hollywood friendships, the actress and the pop icon were very close up until Jackson’s death.

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They bonded over their peculiar childhoods and she was godmother to two of his kids. A Tinseltown platonic love story for the ages?

Jonah Hill/Dustin Hoffmann

Hill went to the same high school as Hoffman’s kids, became good friends with his son Jake and in 2012 dated his daughter Ali for a while.

The legendary star noticed Hill’s comic abilities after the ‘Moneyball’ actor made prank phone calls for him as a teenager and helped him get his first role, in the flop 'I Heart Huckabees’. Hill never looked back.

Bette Midler/50 Cent

This weird pair share a passion for charity work - it’s how they met. Midler and Fiddy worked together on developing a public garden in Queens for the New York Restoration Project. “Little Jewish lady and the great big rapper,” Midler told E! “He’s such a doll.” Words cannot do justice.

Danny Dyer/Harold Pinter

Arguably Britain’s greatest ever playwright struck up a friendship with Britain’s greatest actor after Dyer appeared in one of Pinter’s plays.

The straight-to-DVD legend became a protégé of the writer. “He had faith in me,” Dyer told the Guardian. “He suffered all my **** because he knew I was a talented actor.”

Tom Cruise/David Beckham

We’ve seen them together at footie games and out to dinner, but this friendship continues to baffle us. Cruise (and then-wife Katie Holmes) provided the welcome wagon to the Beckhams when David signed for LA Galaxy, which led to rumours of the footballer joining Scientology. Personally, we’re just intrigued about their actual conversations. "I like your new fragrance/moustache.” “I like your new movie.” “Want to go rock-climbing?” etc.

Russell Brand/Helen Mirren

They met shooting an adaptation of 'The Tempest’ and reunited for the ill-fated remake of 'Arthur’.

But that flirty buddydom spilled out off-screen. Brand gifted her a pair of his underpants (nice) and Mirren loved them so much she said she would have them framed (yuck). “The more I get to know her, the more the fascination increases,” said Brand.

Lindsay Lohan/Woody Allen

Everyone was puzzled when LiLo was photographed coming out of a New York restaurant in 2012 with the comic legend. Especially since it apparently wasn’t even to see if she would be good for a role in one of his films. “I met her at a party and we got together for dinner,” Allen told the Wall Street Journal. Maybe he had some advice for her about repairing your public image after a scandal.

Zach Braff/Harry Styles

Either Braff wants to get some of Styles’ lady leftovers, or Harry’s a giant 'Garden State’ fan. That’s really the only reason we can see why these two are mates. But friends they are, with the One Direction-er hitting the Sundance Film Festival to support Braff’s indie, 'Wish I Was Here’.

The 'Scrubs’ actor has since joked that Styles is a “dynamite spooner” and even that they slept together (they didn’t, okay?!), while being pals with the boy band star did the 39-year-old’s Twitter following no harm at all.

Whoopi Goldberg/Mel Gibson

Not many people stood up for Gibbo after his various rants, but bizarrely, Whoopi was one of them. The 'Ghost’ actress revealed she’d known Mel for years and he’d spent time at her house - which is why he couldn’t be a racist. Watch out for a Mel cameo in the never-going-to-happen 'Sister Act 3’.

Sienna Miller/P.Diddy

When photos first emerged of these chums, there were suggestions they were dating (as happens with any male who stands next to Miller - she’s also dated her postman and that bloke in the fishmonger). In fact, after meeting in Ibiza, they just enjoyed each other’s company. Luckily, it didn’t signal what would be the worst rap duet in the history of the world.

Ashton Kutcher+Mila Kunis/Princess Beatrice

This lot have been on holiday together, which maybe suggests the Kutch’s secret desire to crown himself King Of America.

They all met when Ashton bought a seat on the Virgin Galactic space flight - Bea’s hubby Dave Clark works for the company running it. Let’s hope they all sat around in the evening watching 'What Happens In Vegas’ and crying.

Jennifer Lawrence/Adele

We imagine these friends doing a puppet show together using their Oscars. Okay, that probably hasn’t happened, but the talented duo have shared their mutual admiration and Adele apparently suggested that J-Law come hang out in Notting Hill while she was filming 'X-Men’. Well jel (are we saying that right?).

Tara Reid/Jedward

The 'Sharknado 2’ star met the “talented” twins when they appeared in 'Celebrity Big Brother’. But while they don’t seem like they would get along, Jedward visited the actress in Los Angeles and have holidayed together in the south of France. Goodness, Tara, how it’s gone downhill since 'The Big Lebowski’.

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