Home foods you should avoid giving your doggo

Arpita Chatterjee
·4-min read

You definitely would like to feed your pup with most of your tasty people’s treats. Who would stop, and besides, those puppy-dog eyes pleading for a spoonful?

But being a responsible cuddle buddies’ parent often understands when to say, “No.” Certain things are simply totally terrible for dogs and may trigger all manner of health issues. And if your dog has consumed these types of food without any complications in the past, they may trigger severe problems that you may not be conscious of.

Here are a few foods that dogs should never consume, no matter how affectionately they keep asking.

  • Chocolate

One of the main reasons why most dogs become ill is because of the food they get from eating. Chocolate contains a lot of calories that dogs do not need. Chocolates can also affect your dog’s weight, especially if they are high in sugar.

  • Bacon And Fatty Meat

dog dachshund, with a slice of bacon on the nose, looks scared, stealing food from the table
dog dachshund, with a slice of bacon on the nose, looks scared, stealing food from the table

You should never give your dog anything with a high level of fat content. Dogs that are continually being fed foods that are high in fat are at risk for developing diabetes. Too much bacon can be harmful to your dog.

Instead, opt for lean pork to have a healthier dog. There are different forms of fat that you can feed your dog, but not all of them are good for them. It is extremely dangerous for your dog to have a high level of cholesterol, as well. Always use a low-fat or non-fat version of whatever you are making.

  • Salty Foods

Dogs with choice of food diet
Dogs with choice of food diet

We all know that some dogs have a hypersensitivity to salt, and it is hazardous for them to eat salty foods such as canned soups, hot dogs, and salted meat. Never give your dog salty foods because this will make your dog’s system excessively active, and he may get diarrhoea and vomiting. If you want to feed your dog on a healthy diet, you should know which healthy foods can be given to him.

  • Garlic And Onions

Dog standing close to barbecue and looking up to owner
Dog standing close to barbecue and looking up to owner

Garlic and onion you should never feed to cats as there are very strong toxic properties present. Garlic clove is crushed garlic containing sulphur, a highly poisonous substance. Raw garlic clove can be fatal for puppies even in small quantities.

If you have a dog and he/she likes to eat garlic and onion then, first of all, make sure you cut off the stalk of garlic before giving to your pet. Garlic and onion should never be delivered to your pets in any form. It can be provided in supplements, capsules, or powder.

  • Cheese, Ice Cream, And Other Dairy Products

No matter how cute your dog is, it cannot be considered a real dog if it is continually getting cheese and other dairy products. Feeding of these items can cause digestive problems, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhoea, and even blockages.

Remember that if you want to keep your dog happy, then you should limit your feeding him/ her any other dairy product.

  • Grapes And Raisins

Basque sheepherd dog smelling some grapes
Basque sheepherd dog smelling some grapes

You should also avoid giving your dog raisins and grapes in large quantities at one time. This is because the body can’t break them down that fast. It will take a few weeks for your dog’s system to adjust to the new threat.

Also, keep in mind that raisins and grapes are high in calories so you should never feed your dog more than they need. They will get too full very quickly, and over-feed can cause obesity.

  • Sugary Food

Sugary food can cause hyperactivity in your dog and behavioural problems such as biting and chewing. The sugar in their food also makes them more likely to suffer from dental problems in the future.

Many dog foods these days do not have any sugar or other artificial ingredients at all in them. Instead, they have organic or natural alternatives for sugar. Look for food that uses real sugar sources and contains nutrients that help maintain a healthy mind for your dog.