Tie-dying has become the latest self-isolation Instagram trend, this kit has everything you need

This tie-dye kit has everything you need to get started. (Getty Images)

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Ordinarily, when you think of tie-dye you probably think of 90s ravers or children under 10, but there’s nothing ordinary about the time we’re living in.

Since lockdown started it seems that tie-dye has made a comeback and it seems that everyone, from the Beckham family and Victoria Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, to influencers across the UK, have been sharing the fruits of their labour online.

Although it’s not surprising that tie-dye is back, think about the return of low-rise jeans or the comeback of the iconic Steve Madden sandal, it is definitely about more than fashion this time: it’s about passing the time and getting creative.

So what's making tie-dye more exciting this time around?

Unlike the wild prints of decades past, tie-dye is becoming a bit more subtle and chic these days so it means you can embrace trends while having fun in the process.

Plus, let’s face it, there’s nothing like flinging paint around and donning bright colours and patterns to really perk up your day.

If you’re keen to try your hand at the craze but have no previous experience, don’t worry, we’ve found a kit that has everything you need to get started and turn your wardrobe into a vivid, psychedelic dream.

The Tie-Dye Art Kit is safe for anyone over the age of 18 to use and includes 18 different types of dye, protective gloves, rubber bands and a reusable surface cover (because getting a new table delivered now would be a nightmare).

It also comes with an instruction book that shows you the various different techniques you can use to achieve different patterns and designs.

Don’t have a white tee to dye? Amazon has a selection of T-shirts for children and adults starting at just £2.

Buy it: Tie-Dye Art Kit | £26.50 from Amazon

Those who have already embraced the trend have been quick to leave flowing reviews for the product.

One commented on the ease of the kit: “The dye coloured powder is in the bottles and all you need to do is add water up to the black line that is on the bottle. Shake the bottle to mix up powder and then start colouring any piece of white clothing you have.”

While another added: “Good range of colours, we used six colours, three bottles used up completely on two large tshirts but I think we went a bit mad with amount we put on! Other three bottles made up will make another tshirt. Overall very impressed and would purchase again.”

If you want to follow along with a how-to, then beauty editor, Laura Capon shows you just how easy it is below: