Horror News Round-Up: It Follows, The Crow, Resident Evil and More

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One star confirms a final go around in a popular horror franchise, whilst another drops out of a long-awaited remake - yet it’s a trailer for a brand spanking new movie that’s got us most excited. Here’s the past week’s horror news highlights in brief…

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Jovovich will be Alice again in August


Some fans are crying “why, God?” whilst others are screaming “thank you, God!” at Milla Jovovich’s confirmation that the sixth and reportedly last film in the ‘Resident Evil’ series, entitled ‘Resident Evil: the Final Chapter,’ will begin production in August - only a few months after Jovovich has her second child (as if we didn’t already know she was a badass). The hyper-stylised zombie fighting video game spin-off franchise has never been short of detractors, and we’re not about to hail any of them as masterpieces - but even so, we can’t deny there’s an ever-so-slight tug at the heartstrings to learn the high-kicking shoot-‘em-up fun with Jovovich is coming to an end.

In other big-budget zombie franchise news…


Steven Knight, on board to write the sequel to ‘World War Z,’ promises the follow-up will start with “a clean slate.” Does this mean it will owe less to the Marc Forster-directed original, and more to Max Brooks’ novel (to which the movie took little but the title)? Or does it literally mean the story could go anywhere from here? Time will tell.

The Crow reboot - it can’t rain all the time (can it?)


It’s all been a bit good news/bad news on the long-in-development reboot of ‘The Crow.’ On the plus side, new director Corin Hardy has spoken of his enthusiasm for the material, and his plans to stay closer to the original James O’Barr graphic novel than the 1994 Alex Proyas movie; but on the minus side, it’s been confirmed that previously attached leading man Luke Evans has quit the film in favour of other opportunities. Let’s hope Hardy wastes no time finding a charismatic actor who looks good in white face paint and black PVC…

And speaking of remakes…


Yes, another week goes by, and another old horror movie gets a remake. This time it’s 1958 B-movie favourite ‘The Blob’ (previously remade once already in 1988), which is to get a CGI-heavy revival courtesy of ‘The Expandables 2’ director Simon West. We can’t pretend we’re overflowing with optimism about this one, but you never know.

It Follows trailer has us very intrigued

Happily, the real horror highlight of the week has not been news of yet another sequel or remake, but our first look at an all-new, all-original horror movie of which we know very little at present: ‘It Follows.’ Here it is again:

Picture Credit: Screen Gems, Paramount, Caliber Press

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