Hospital staff arrange for couple together for 50 years to meet for the 'last time'

Jessica Carpani
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Chloe Keljarrett  - Chloe Keljarrett 
Chloe Keljarrett - Chloe Keljarrett
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The daughter of a woman seriously ill with coronavirus has thanked a hospital for allowing her parents to meet for the “last time”.

Gerry Jarrett, 79 and his wife of 50 years Barbara, 76, are both battling Covid-19 and were admitted to Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey two weeks ago where they were stationed on separate wards.

Their daughter Chloe has praised hospital staff who found a way to reunite her father with her mother whose condition has severely deteriorated.

Posting a picture of one reunion on Twitter she wrote: "In the midst of a pandemic peak, staff (namely a consultant, a surgeon and a HCA) at FPH just made sure my dad saw my mum for what is likely the last time."

Mrs Keljarrett, a teacher at The Brakenhale School, said another meeting happened on Wednesday when "mum looked to be at the end".

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Describing their last few hours together, she told the BBC: "Dad was wheeled in, crying, touched her hand and her eyes flew open. She was awake and bright and could talk.

"We got a precious extra hour or two before her breathing got worse again and got to say what we wanted.

"All thanks to the staff who made these meetings possible. In current times I just find that incredible."

She said that her father was "showing signs of improvement but has a very long journey to complete".

"He has a number of other health issues that will make recovery that bit trickier, but I have to remain positive that he will overcome this horrendous virus," she added.

Responding to Mrs Keljarrett's Twitter post, the hospital wrote: "Our hearts go out to you and your family.

"We are so glad that our staff managed to make this time just a little bit easier for you all.

"This truly is some of the care we give that matters the most."

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