Here Are The Hottest Fashion Buys, According to the Internet

Every quarter, Lyst compiles the world's most coveted brands and products based on searches, sales, views and social media statistics. In 2023, sibling labels Miu Miu and Prada went back and forth exchanging the title for the world's hottest brand and for Q4, Prada officially stole back the crown. Additionally, the Q4 report shares findings of 10 products that contribute to the fashion zeitgeist and imply larger industry related trends.

At the top of the Hottest Products list is The Row's "Margaux" bag. Ranging anywhere between $3,490 USD to $6,850 USD, the tote has found a special spot in the hearts of quiet luxury lovers, cementing itself as a new generation heirloom and status symbol. The bag has been spotted on the arms of Kendall Jenner, Zoë Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence and boasts a 63% increase in searches last quarter.

Second on the list is the Victoria Beckham "Frame" buckle belt. Due to the release of the Beckham documentary on Netflix, searches for the belt increased by 68%. The renewed virality of the Beckhams also uplifted Victoria Beckham's eponymous brand to the Lyst's Breakout Brands category.

Similarly optimizing on trends, Miu Miu's cherry rid kitten heels are the third hottest product. With cherry red being the "it" color last quarter, the cult-loved heels lead to a 49% spike in searches for kitten heels of all kinds on the Lyst app.

As expected, we also see Skims make both lists. Likely due to the virality its faux nipple bra garnered along with its designation as the official underwear partner of the NBA, Skims is the 14th hottest brand and its boxers are the 10th hottest product. The brand makes the case for attention and emotion.

Check out Lyst's full report on its website.