How you can ask Boris Johnson a question about lockdown rules

Ellen Manning
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Boris Johnson has urged members of the public to quiz him directly about his plans to ease the coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister’s speech on Sunday evening laid out what he called a “road map for reopening society”, which included people going back to work this week, as well as a phased reopening of schools from June 1 and the potential reopening of part of the hospitality sector in July.

But the announcement was widely criticised for being confusing, with experts and members of the public calling for more clarity on what is and isn’t allowed.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “What the nation was looking for from the Prime Minister was clarity and consensus. We didn't get either”, while union leaders accused Johnson of sending mixed messages which could have “lethal” consequences.

Scientists also hit out at the announcement, accusing the government of being reckless and Johnson of ‘wanting to have his cake and eat it’.

Johnson is due to face MPs in the Commons and will be taking questions from the public on Monday.

Ahead of what will undoubtedly be a continuation of calls for clarity, the Prime Minister tweeted advice on how members of the public can ask him a question directly.

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He wrote: “Do you want to ask me a question tomorrow? If so, you can submit yours here”.

The tweet included a link to the section of the government website that allow people to submit a question for the daily coronavirus press conference.

Questions from the public for the Prime Minister could include:

  • When can we visit family?

  • Should we wear masks?

  • How can people go to work when schools are still closed and there are no childcare facilities?

  • Are workers allowed to refuse to go to their workplace if they believe it is unsafe, and will they be protected from being disciplined or sacked?

  • How will social distancing on public transport be monitored?

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