How Tarantino's movies are connected including 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood'

Hanna Flint
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    Beard Of Jah
    This is crazy! ... He is some storytelling genius, it has to be said.
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    I heard Tarantino is going to do a movie about Brexit. The plot involves a bunch of liars hatching a plan to deceive the British public with lies and hysteria. Dominic Cummings is going to be played by Samuel L Jackson and Boris Johnson by John Travolta. The Leave voters are going to be played by thousands of mentally disabled people (in other words themselves).
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    The Stupidest Cow
    "Interestingly the ideas for both movies began as a collaboration"...Errrr What???
    Tarantino worked in a video shop like the dweeb in MIB2. He plagiarised City on Fire scene for scene and would have made pulp fiction to be a standard sequel. But the screen tests/producers etc let him know what made him "Different" was the weird conversations/speeches etc and pulp fiction was based around that whole idiot mentality and that's when it became his "Style"
    This article and Tarantino are Bull 5hi1!