How Russell Crowe got Hugh Jackman Wolverine role

Gladiator star turned down X-Men gig

What are friends for?... Crowe got Jackman Wolverine gig (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Russell Crowe got Hugh Jackman the Wolverine part in ‘X-Men’, after turning it down himself.

In an interview with Australian radio station Triple M 104.9FM., Jackman said: "Bryan Singer asked Rusty [we assume Crowe] to do Wolverine, and he said, 'Nah mate I've just done 'Gladiator', it's not for me but you should look at this guy...' "

Luckily he was talking about Jackman, whose portrayal of the clawed mutant was a big hit with movie fans.

He’s since appeared as the character a further three times, with a second X-Men spin-off flick ‘The Wolverine’ due out July 2013.

Hugh is apparently great friends with Russell and says he has learned a lot from his mate.

He said: "He's a great guy in every way, I have so much time for him and to watch him work, everyone says he is a great actor, when you actually get to work with someone like that... He's that good when it matters, in that moment, in that close up tough moment, you just sit back and watch you know someone's got that confidence and is going to deliver. I learnt a lot from him."