How THAT Insane Kingsman Church Fight Scene Was Made (Exclusive)

The stand-out scene from Matthew Vaughn’s brilliant ‘The Kingsman: Secret Service’ saw traditionally rom-com actor Colin Firth go on an unprecedentedly brutal killing spree in a church.

Given Firth’s portfolio, it’s the first time we’ve ever really seen him fully transformed into an action hero – and he really started with a bang.

Not only that, but the team decided to make the chaotic clip seem like it was filmed in one shot. Not an easy task considering the sheer number of action stunts involved.

The illusion was created by finding joins between each action take (usually actors wiping through the shot) and seamlessly editing them together.

Well, thanks to our exclusive behind-the-scenes video (above), you can see how they made the scene.

Shot over 7 days, the scene features around 130 actors on screen including 20 stunt men, 30 special actors and 70-80 extras – and Mr Colin Firth (obviously).

‘The Kingsman: Secret Service’ is out now on Digital HD, available on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday 8th June in the UK.