How to make an extra £500 by selling old items

Kalila Sangster
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Brits at all stages of life could make up to £500 in extra cash by selling old unwanted items online. Photo: Getty

One in four Brits are looking for alternative ways to make some extra cash amid COVID-19 related financial uncertainty and a rise in spending over Christmas, according to new research from Ebay.

Brits at all stages of life could make up to £500 in extra cash by selling old unwanted items online, the research found.

Moving out

Young people moving out of their family home after spending 2020 locked down with parents could make some extra cash by selling childhood items they won’t be taking to their new home.

Finding a new home for old toys can help young movers fly the nest — the average selling price for Hot Wheels toy cars is £10.50, while Pokemon cards can fetch £9.55. Furbies can be sold for an average £16.46, Beanie Baby soft toys could make £6.43, and Sylvanian Families toys sell for an average £14.82.

Old electrical items fetch the most, with the average selling price of a second-hand computer £129 on Ebay. Cassette players could make £36.59 and DVD players sell for an average £30.92.

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Selling an unwanted scooter online could make young home movers £65.39, while their old roller skates could go for £10.30.

Selling these items online could raise £329.96 in extra cash.


Cash-strapped students could make some extra money from selling old clothes, gadgets and unwanted Christmas presents.

Unwanted sports clothing goes for an average £36.64, while old trainers could make £27.60, and high heels could bring in £18.30. Selling an old backpack online could raise £20.69.

A secondhand smartphone has an average selling price of £157.42, an old computer could raise £129, while an old XBox could make £8.56.

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CDs and Books sold on Ebay could make students an average £5.53 and £7.18 respectively, while a secondhand bicycle sells for an average £68.46.

Students selling these old items online could make an average of £479.38

Moving house

Housebuyers or those redecorating their homes could make some extra cash by Ebaying used gadgets and appliances they don’t want to take with them to their new pad.

Used furniture can make a tidy sum with the average selling price of a coffee table standing at £62.48. Secondhand sofas could be worth an average £51.57, while an unwanted mirror sells for an average £33.13. A vintage lampshade could make £19.05 and photo frames could bring in an extra £8.58.

Kitchen items can also help make some extra cash with food processors selling for an average £36.35 and a secondhand Nespresso coffee machine worth an average £78.68. An unwanted cocktail shaker could find a new home for £12.89.

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An unwanted TV could make homemovers £222.22 and old vinyl records could raise £12.92.

Selling these itens online could make an average £537.80 in extra cash.

New parents

New parents welcoming newborns into the world this year could find themselves with less free time on their hands. Selling old equipment from past hobbies could help raise some quick cash.

Musical instruments sell for an average £28.91 on Ebay, while tennis rackets go for £25.13. A secondhand sewing machine is worth an average £52.47 and used games consoles could raise an extra £107.56.

Selling pre-loved clothing and accessories is a good way to make some extra cash, with coats and jackets selling for an average £21.85, high heels going for £18.30, handbags at £10.70 and jewellery at £27.99. A secondhand wedding dress sells for an average £80.51.

An unwanted rug could sell for £29.23, bringing in a bit extra to help new parents make some quick cash.

Selling these items could make an average of £402.60.

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