How To Train Your Dragon 3 "by far the strongest" of the series, says Jay Baruchel

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2014's 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' (credit: Dreamworks Animation/20th Century Fox)
2014’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ (credit: Dreamworks Animation/20th Century Fox)

It’s been three years since ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2,’ and quite some time since we’ve heard anything regarding the planned third instalment – but if actor Jay Baruchel’s words are anything to go by, ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ should be well worth the wait.

The 34-year old Canadian actor, who voiced awkward young Viking hero Hiccup in both the existing Dreamworks Animation films as well as several short films and the TV spin-off shows ‘Dragons: Riders of Berk’ and ‘Dragons: Race to the Edge,’ tells Joblo that work is well underway on the next full-length feature.

“I’ve already done a number of recording sessions for that one. Once every 2-4 months I will work for 2 hours and then that happens over the course of 3 years and then before I know it I’m at Cannes with a movie that people are like, ‘You don’t understand! This movie is the most important thing in the world to me!’ I felt like I fell ass-backwards into STAR WARS!

“It’s really cool. We’re well on the way to doing it. They take a lot of time to make so I don’t know when it’s coming, exactly.”

Jay Baruchel (credit: FayesVision/
Jay Baruchel (credit: FayesVision/

Unsurprisingly, the actor is “not allowed to say anything” about the plot, but stressed, “This is what I’ll say, and for whatever it’s worth I do swear that this is not just promo nonsense. It’s by far, the strongest of the stories. It’s the movie that the series requires and deserves and it’s the rightful third chapter or third act, I should say. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed.”

The ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ films have been a huge success for Dreamworks Animation, collectively earning over $1.116 billion (approx £895 million) at the global box office. They’ve also gone down well with critics and audiences, both films holding approval ratings in the high 90s at Rotten Tomatoes.

‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ is expected to hit screens at some point in 2019.

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