Hugh Grant says Robert Downey Jr wanted to 'kill him' on movie set

Ben Arnold

Hugh Grant and Robert Downey Jr failed to hit it off while making the 1995 movie Restoration, the Brit actor has revealed.

In fact so little did they hit it off that Grant believed that Downey Jr was harbouring homicidal thoughts about him.

“He hated me. Hated me,” he told People magazine.

“We did a thing called Restoration, and he took one look at me and wanted to kill me. I don’t know. I was so hurt.”

Restoration was a costume caper from director Michael Hoffman, who made movies like the star-studded Soapdish with Downey Jr in 1991, and The Last Station in 2009.

(Credit: Miramax)

It found Downey Jr playing a debauched young physician to Sam Neill’s Charles II, while Grant played a weasely courtly artist.

But it seems their clashes on screen extended off-screen too.

However, on hearing of Grant’s wounded feelings, RDJ took to Twitter to iron out any ill feeling, and complimenting Grant on his crusading for privacy from the press.

“A lot has happened over two decades!” he said.

“I respect how Mr. Grant has matured as an artist & voice against violations of privacy. Let’s break bread together soon @HackedOffHugh! #burythehatchet2018.”

All’s well that ends well, then.

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