Hugh Jackman Believes Wolverine Would Obliterate Batman


Ever since it was announced that Spider-Man is moving to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Hugh Jackman has found himself inundated with queries about whether Wolverine might possibly join him.

The Australian actor, who is currently doing the rounds promoting ‘Chappie’, now has a stock answer for the question. 

But after being asked about Wolverine’s possible appearance alongside The Avengers yet again, ‘Chappie’ director Neil Blomkamp followed with an original question that brought Batman into the mix.

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After explaining how he’d love to appear in the Marvel universe but thinks studio politics will stop his dream from ever becoming a reality, Blomkamp asked, “What about Christian Bale’s Batman versus Wolverine?”

According to Comic, Jackman laughed off the question. But then Blomkamp’s mind clearly started to consider the duel, as he added, “I suppose without some of his technology, you would just cut him up … If he was in the Tumbler it would be a battle.”

Jackman then proclaimed that Wolverine wouldn’t have a problem slicing up Batman. In fact he doesn’t even think that it would make for a good movie because their encounter would be so brief.

“We can try and stretch the movie out beyond a short,” he declared, “but I’m guessing it’d be a short.”

Those sound like fighting words to me. But while there’s an outside chance of Wolverine appearing alongside Spider-Man and The Avengers at Marvel Studio, there’s literally no chance that the mutant will ever go toe-to-toe with Batman. 

Which is a bloody shame, because that’s something we’d all pay over the odds to see.

‘Chappie’ will hit UK cinemas on March 6, 2015.

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