Hugh Jackman’s Logan gets tough in first clip

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

It looks as though ‘Logan’ hasn’t lost his touch.

After showcasing another cool TV spot during last night’s Superbowl, it looks as though ‘Logan’ has just unveiled its first official clip. And it gives us a rather telling look at what Hugh Jackman’s iconic mutant has been getting up to in his old age.

Hint: He’s definitely not been taking it easy.

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I know, I know… it’s not like Wolverine to get up anyone’s nose. But this new clip shows Logan back on top game, annoying the hell out of a couple of yokels who’re attempting to frighten off Wolverine’s old friend.

But they have no idea what they’re up against.

Hugh Jackman and Eriq La Salle in Logan – Credit: 20th Century Fox

Titled: “You Know The Drill” this rather cool clip features Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine alongside his ‘friend’ – an unknown character played by ‘E.R.’ veteran, Eriq La Salle – as they fight off a group of men who are after La Salle’s land.

Clearly, they have no idea who Logan is… and it does not end well for them.

Who is La Salle’s unnamed character?

At the moment, we still have no idea… but as you can see, he seems crucial to the story in some way. At least, crucial to the part of the story we see unfolding in this scene. Could this little altercation be one of the reasons Logan is on the run before he meets X-23?

Hugh Jackman in Logan – Credit: 20th Century Fox

For now, we have to wait and see. But one thing’s for certain – this latest clip confirms the rather awesome, Western tone of ‘Logan’. Sure, there’s not an awful lot of context, but all those hats and accents are giving me chills already.

‘Logan’ stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, alongside Dafne Keen, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant and Eriq La Salle.

James Mangold directs based on a script he co-wrote with Scott Frank and Michael Green.

‘Logan’ heads to cinemas on 1 March 2017.

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