Hugh Laurie's villain set for shock Night Manager return

Hugh Laurie's villain set for shock Night Manager return credit:Bang Showbiz
Hugh Laurie's villain set for shock Night Manager return credit:Bang Showbiz

Hugh Laurie's deceased alter-ego is set to make a sensational return to 'The Night Manager'.

The 65-year-old actor portrayed arch villain Richard Roper in the first series of the BBC One drama and while he was initially believed to have been killed off, he is set for a shock return.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Everyone was working on the basis he’d been killed in series one, so this will come as a pleasant surprise.

“It’s only going to crank up the excitement for the much-anticipated sequel, which has already started filming and is expected to air next year.”

While Laurie will return for season two of the series, which aired its first season in 2016, co-star Tom Hiddleston is also confirmed for the project.

He will once again play Jonathan Pine, the central hero of John Le Carre’s book, which inspired the series.

And, Olivia Colman has also signed on to return as Foreign Office official Angela Burr.

Other returning cast members include Alistair Petrie as Sandy Langbourne, Douglas Hodge as Rex Mayhew, Michael Nardone as Frisky, and Noah Jupe as Daniel Roper.

Character 7’s Stephen Garrett, who was also lead Executive Producer on the first season previously said: “The best dramas all have at their core some version of the family, and the first season of 'THE NIGHT MANAGER' was no exception. It’s thrilling that our riotously dysfunctional family is now, after years years apart, reunited for season two, spearheaded by the impeccable Olivia Colman. Joined by Messers Petrie, Hodge, Nardone and the global star that Noah Jupe has rightly become, it almost looks like we planned it…"

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, added: “Olivia Colman’s award-winning role as Angela Burr in the first series of 'The Night Manager' was unforgettable and we are over the moon that she is back alongside Tom Hiddleston. We have such a strong cast and with Alistair Petrie, Douglas Hodge, Michael Nardone and Noah Jupe also returning, and filming starting in London, the second series of 'The Night Manager' promises to provide even more drama, glamour, intrigue and suspense."