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Hunger Games: Could there be a fourth Hunger Games book?

Hunger Games movie stars clamour for a new addition to Panem saga

With time ticking down to the release of the second 'Hunger Games' movie, 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire', the economic success of the books and movies of the series will have the publisher and distributor respectively licking their chops at the prospects of more 'Hunger Games' material.

Of course, there are two more 'Hunger Games' movies to come after 'Catching Fire', with the filming for the third movie in the series, 'Mockingjay: Part I' already under development, with some of the early scenes having been filmed, with the odd image from the shooting even appearing in the media.

Of course, the publishers of the 'Hunger Games' novels have no such windfall to look forward to, as the trilogy of 'Hunger Games' novels ends with 'Mockingjay'. But rumours have abound that the author, Suzanne Collins, may be willing to continue the 'Hunger Games' story with a fourth novel.

And these murmurings intensified when some of the biggest names involved in the movies added their voices to the chorus for a fourth 'Hunger Games' novel. Members of the cast for the forthcoming 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' movie, including Katniss actress Jennifer Lawrence, have called for Collins to extend the 'Hunger Games' story by writing a fourth novel.

However, Collins appears to have poured water on this particular inferno by denying the possibility that she might revisit the world of Panem in book form. When her agent, Jason Dravis of The Monteiro Rose Agency in Studio City, California, was recently asked about whether there could be a fourth 'Hunger Games' book, he stated quite explicitly that the books were "done", and that there were no plans for a fourth trip for Katniss into the world of the Capitol.

This will, of course, be a disappointement for 'Hunger Games' fans, and maybe some of the cast of the existing series of movies as well. When asked about the prospect of making more 'Hunger Games' movies, Jennifer Lawrence stated enthusiastically that "it would be so much fun", and that she actually gets sad when she considers the fact that "we're almost done".

There may be hope in the future, though. Helen Fielding recently resurrected her popular creation, Bridget Jones, and the possibility of resurrecting what has been such a hugely successful franchise in both commercial and critical terms will always loom large. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Collins relents, and gives in to the will of 'Hunger Games' fans.

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