Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca And Malta Added To Green List

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Watch: Malta, Madeira and Balearics among additions to travel green list

biza, Mallorca, Menorca and Malta are among the holiday destinations that have been added to the UK’s travel green list, the government has announced.

The islands will be included from 4am on Wednesday June 30.

Barbados, Bermuda,Cayman Islands, Dominica and Grenada have also been put on the green list.

People returning to the UK from green list destinations are not required to self-isolate.

Travellers arriving from amber list countries must quarantine at home for 10 days, while those entering the UK from red list destinations have to isolate in government-run hotels.

From 04.00 Wednesday 30 June, Malta, Madeira, the Balearic Islands, several UK Overseas territories and Caribbean Islands (including Barbados) will be added to the Government’s green list, having met the necessary criteria to be reclassified.

All additions to the green list apart from Malta will also join the ‘green watchlist’, as will Israel and Jerusalem - signalling that these countries are at risk of moving from green to amber.

The full list of countries to be added to the ‘red list’ includes Eritrea, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, Tunisia and Uganda, and all measures will continue to be kept under review to protect public health as the top priority.

They present a high public health risk to the UK from known variants of concern (VOC), known high-risk variants under investigation (VUI) or as a result of very high in-country or territory prevalence of COVID-19.

All classification changes have been decided by Ministers, informed by the latest data and analysis by the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) and wider public health considerations, to help the public understand the risks to public health of travelling to different destinations.

All measures announced today are designed to give travellers and the travel sector more certainty, will be kept under review, and further action may be taken to protect public health.


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