Ice crew member at World Juniors has worst day ever

A member of the ice crew pleads with the Czech team to not fire the puck at him. (Screen shot via TSN)

Everybody has a bad day at work from time to time, even people who get to hang out around a hockey rink all day.

But few of these people have probably had a day go south as fast as it did for this member of the ice crew in Buffalo prior to Thursday’s world junior tilt between Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The young man was visibly angry leaving the ice after getting hit with the puck after two near misses, and who can blame him.

Getting buzzed once would be enough to sour your mood, but maybe you chalk it up to the Czech player failing to look up before firing the puck and put the whole thing behind you. The second one, though, that’s when the rage sets in. The Czech player, who appears to have his head up, had no reason to shoot the puck at the side of the net where the worker was visibly standing. He was probably ready to snap before the third puck came into play, but unexpectedly taking one off the chest would certainly push you over the edge and into some sort of Office Space-style rebellion.

Sweden ended up beating the Czechs 3-1, so hopefully that boosted his spirits a little.