Ichiro wears fake mustache disguise so he can sit in M's dugout

How awesome is Ichiro Suzuki? He’s the only person we can think of to make “pulling a Bobby V” a good thing.

Either the former Seattle Mariners legend has a twin brother who sports some interesting facial hair, or Ichiro donned a fake mustache disguise in order to sit in the dugout for a portion of Thursday’s game.

Ichiro spotted wearing fake mustache disguise

As the Mariners took on the New York Yankees, a photographer from the Associated Press noticed something strange in Seattle’s dugout. It looked like Ichiro Suzuki had snuck into the dugout wearing a comically large fake mustache to watch the first inning.

Was that really Ichiro in the fake mustache?

Yes, this actually happened. In fact, the photographer managed to snap a picture of Ichiro wearing his disguise.

Seattle Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki sits in the dugout and watches the New York Yankees bat during the first inning of Thursday’s game. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Ichiro reportedly only stayed in the dugout for a brief period. He was gone by the second inning, according to the Associated Press. He retreated back to the clubhouse to watch the Mariners lose 4-3.

Why did Ichiro wear the mustache?

Since he’s no longer technically a player, Ichiro is not allowed to be in the dugout once a game starts. In May, Ichiro announced that he would sit out the rest of the 2018 season and take a front office role with the Mariners. His new role allows him to be on the field and in the dugout prior to games, but he must leave that area when the game gets underway.

Bobby Valentine also wore a fake mustache back in the day

Yes, Bobby Valentine attempted this trick as the manager of the New York Mets. After being ejected from a game, Valentine was spotted wearing a fake mustache on the team’s bench. That was a violation of Major League Baseball’s rules. An ejected manager must leave the dugout and cannot return. Valentine was fined and suspended two games for his actions.

Will Ichiro be punished by MLB?

Ichiro could face punishment from the league for his actions, but it’s unlikely he cares. He knew the risks going in, and still went along with it. Since he’s not an active player, the league can’t suspend him from games. It’s possible he’ll be fined, but the figure won’t be enough to put a dent in his wallet.

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