The Idea of You's Anne Hathaway almost couldn't film pivotal scene

anne hathaway, nicholas galitzine, the idea of you
The Idea of You star almost didn't film key scenePrime Video

Anne Hathaway has shared which scene in The Idea of You was particularly difficult for her to film, (and it wasn't a racy one).

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Hathaway revealed that if it wasn't for her co-star Nicholas Galitzine and director Michael Showalter, she wouldn't have been able to film the movie's epilogue.

anne hathaway, nicholas galitzine, the idea of you
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"The most difficult scene for me was that ending, just because it was the end of shoot and I'd gotten really, really sick," she admitted. "I was not just running on empty, I'd eaten the tank, and I was just physically [doing] poorly, and I didn't know how I was going to do it."

"Nick was such a rock." Hathaway added, turning to him. "I don't know how you did it."

Despite worrying that she might not be able to finish the day, "because I was doing so badly", she persevered, knowing she just needed a burst of energy to get her through.

"And Michael said, 'I know what to do,'" Hathaway recalled. "He turned on a piece of music right as he yelled action — because it was a nonverbal part — and [Galitzine] just poured energy in me.

"I was in the moment and I had exactly enough left for whatever was happening, and I just needed to not blow it. And you just carried us through that and you were so wonderful and you gave me so much to react to."

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The actor (who plays 40-year-old single mother Solène) still felt emotional thinking back to the filming. "It's hard for me, because I... sorry," she began, before tearing up.

"God, I wasn't expecting that to happen. I like to take care of other people on set, and so in that moment, to feel like I couldn't even take care of myself, to be really supported by Nick and by Michael just meant the world to me. It was just really nice."

Though she expressed embarrassment about crying, Galitzine (who plays 24-year-old boyband member Hayes) reassured her that "It's not embarassing".

He explained: "This was a really connective process and I think Annie and I had to rely on each other and Michael a lot. Filming that scene will really live with me for a long time because we're always searching for moments of true presence with each other and true humanity.

"The fact that it was at the end, it was transportative in a way, and it was just Hayes and Solène at their rawest and realest with each other. I'm so proud."

The Idea of You is now available on Prime Video.

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