The Ideal Type Of Meat To Make Minute Steak

Minute steak
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The simplicity of a minute steak is described by its name. Great for feeding the family on a busy night, these thin cuts of steak can cook in as little as four minutes. Typically made from sirloin, the meat is boneless and tenderized, providing a high-quality flavor despite its short preparation time.

Oftentimes, people confuse cube steak with minute steak due to its appearance. In actuality, cube steak differs in several ways. First, it has a slower cook time than the four-minute miracle of minute steak, and cubed steak tends to be tough whereas minute steak is tender and juicy. Plus, unlike minute steak, which is typically made from sirloin, cubed steak comes from the cow's rear. If you'd prefer this type of cut, just make sure to avoid the mistakes people make when cooking cubed steak.

A thinner cut means less fat, which is a good choice for people watching their cholesterol levels. However, like any steak, minute steak must be prepared in a certain way to prevent it from becoming tough.

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How To Cook Minute Steak

Minute steak
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In addition to being a fast process, cooking minute steak is also quite easy. Using medium-high heat, the meat should be cooked for just a couple minutes on each side. After letting it sit for a few additional minutes, create a quick version of a pan sauce by mixing melted butter with the leftover steak remnants in the pan. While seasoning minute steak, keep in mind that it's a thin cut, and you don't want to overwhelm the meat.

As an alternative, you can cook minute steak on the grill. To kill off potentially harmful bacteria, ensure the meat reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit using a meat thermometer. Just like when cooking it on the stove, your steak should cook for about two minutes on each side. Rather than playing a starring role like ribeye or New York strip, minute steak is typically used as a component of a more multifaceted meal like stir-fries, fajitas, pasta, or salad.

This possibly defeats the purpose, but there is a more extensive method to cooking minute steak. By roasting it in the oven, your cook time will increase to about an hour. If you're already taking the time, however, you might want to make some tender sirloin steak instead.

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