Idris Elba confirms Luther movie filming has begun with new photos

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Idris Elba has shared an exciting update with fans of Luther as filming on the Netflix movie has kicked off in style.

The actor — who's played the titular renegade detective on five seasons of the beloved BBC series — took to Instagram on November 10 to give followers a sneak peek from the movie set.

"Oi……I’m back!" he captioned two behind-the-scenes snaps.

Photo credit: Idris Elba - Instagram
Photo credit: Idris Elba - Instagram

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Elba posted a picture of a clapperboard from the set dating back to October 27, presumably his first day back in character.

He also shared a picture of his feet while in full costume. You might not be able to see his face, but you can definitely recognise Detective Chief Inspector John Luther's uniform of choice: his grey, wool coat paired with a red tie.

Photo credit: Idris Elba - Instagram
Photo credit: Idris Elba - Instagram

While plot details for the movie haven't been revealed yet, it's safe to say that Luther could go bigger in a feature backed by the streaming giant.

"I've maintained that I'd like to see [Luther] come to a film," Elba told Digital Spy and other press in 2020, before news of a film was officially announced.

"That's what I think we're headed towards, is a film. I'm looking forward to making that happen. It is happening!"

Photo credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images
Photo credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

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He added: "With a film, the sky is the limit. Obviously, you can be a little bit more bold in the storylines, maybe international, a little bit sort of up the scale. But John Luther is always going to be John Luther."

Alongside Elba, Luther: The Movie also stars Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis as the movie's villain. Cynthia Erivo, seen in Harriet, is set to play Luther's nemesis. Is it a rival detective or another villain? Only time, and perhaps a few more pics from set, will tell.

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