Idris Elba Odds-On To Be Next James Bond

Since the official announcements last week concerning ‘SPECTRE’, the title for the 24th James Bond film, the internet has been rife with speculation, including who will be the next incarnation of 007.


Unsurprisingly, Idris Elba is being tipped as the next British secret agent after current Bond, Daniel Craig, hangs up his Walther PPK.

Odds were slashed a few days ago, when the likes of Film Divider were reporting on who the next actor to play the icon would be.

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Elba’s 3/1 is hardly a shock, as fans have been campaigning to see the ‘Luther’ star appear in the franchise.

Tom Hardy stands at 7/2 (a plausible nomination, if you ask me), with Orlando Bloom at just 4/1. Personally, I can’t imagine the latter donning a tux and conveying the same brute force of Craig’s brawler version, but his presence would certainly offer something different; something a little more suave.


Other names listed include Daniel Day-Lewis, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Tom Hiddlestone. All plausible bets, yes, but it’s hard to imagine any of them stepping into that role, other than perhaps Fassbender or Hiddlestone.

The lower end of the names, with increasingly bigger odds I might add, are Sam Worthington, Dominic West, Gerrard Butler, and Michael C. Hall. Arguably, the latter is the best actor of that bunch, all of who stand at 25/1, with acclaimed roles in ‘Dexter’ and the recent indie ‘Cold in July.’. After a string of frankly awful movies, it’d be somewhat of an injustice if Butler nabbed a deal, so cannot see that happening.

Granted, the odds will fluctuate daily, so don’t be surprised to notice a few other names crop up over the next couple of months.

Daniel Craig’s unlikely to end his tenure after ‘SPECTRE’, but who would you like to see be the next James Bond when he eventually does?

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