ILM considering London for 'Star Wars' work

Ben Skipper
ILM considering London for 'Star Wars' work
Industrial Light & Magic revolutionised visual effects

Industrial Light and Magic, the visual effects giant responsible for the 'Star Wars' series to date may be setting up a camp in London.

It isn't the lovely weather luring them across the pond however, it's foreign tax subsidies.

A source " with knowledge of the situation" told The Wrap that the company, owned by LucasFilm, was scouting locations in the Docklands area of East London.

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When asked about the situation, Miles Perkins, who is head of corporate communications at Lucasfilm told The Wrap that talks about the future of the company were still taking place.

"We're evaluating a number of different scenarios and doing our due diligence," said Perkins.

If it were to happen it would be in the near future, as ILM will be getting to work on pre-production for J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars: Episode 7' as early as later this year.

However the majority of the work would be done in 2014 as part of post-production.

Perkins went on to assure that the company's base of operations would remain in California: "The core of our business is here. And there isn't the intention of diminishing that core. That would be suicide.

"The people who make up our brain trust are here, and we have no intention of doing anything to change that."

In 2012 ILM announced that they were setting up offices in Vancouver, Canada, where similar tax breaks are also available.

Activating hyperbole mode, a "rival special-effects executive" told the site: "If they open in London they're going to kill everyone there. There's no bigger name."