Inbetweeners movie sequel confirmed

Inbetweeners... to return for a sequel, confirms Simon Bird (Copyright: Entertainment)

‘The Inbetweeners’ are to return for a second movie, it’s been confirmed.

Simon Bird, who plays the dorkish Will McKenzie, has ended the speculation that the foursome are heading back to the big screen.

But he added that it might not be for a while yet.

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“Yes, we are doing another movie, but writing it takes a lot longer than people assume,” he told What’s On TV.

“When the last movie was such a success, people think you can just go ahead and do another just like it straight away. But the writers have to have time to work on the script and come up with ideas.

“I also think us actors wanted just a little bit of a break.”

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So, there it is, the boys who coined immortal terms of abuse like 'bus w**kers' return, but where will the battleground be?

It has been previously reported that Will, Simon, Neil and Jay would be trading Malia for a stint in the outback of Australia.

Wherever the location, the sequel will be expected to perform as well as the first film.

It made a robust £55 million from its tiny £3.5 million budget.