Increased instances of sabotage within Russia’s FSB – report

FSB officer
FSB officer

Since it’s no longer possible to resign from Russia’s FSB security service while mobilization remains in effect across Russia, FSB employees have become increasingly apathetic and prone to work sabotage, one former FSB employee said in an interview with Russian outlet Vazhnyye Istorii (VI) on Oct. 23.

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In 2022, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin issued a prohibition for federal security employees to resign during the mobilization decree.

A former FSB employee told VI that this ban caused his former colleagues — those who wanted to resign — to not only shirk their duties but also outright ignore orders.

“When the leaders press, some respond directly: 'if you don't like how we work, let us go," the source says.

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Current staff member of the FSB central apparatus agrees: "The sentiment among many is somewhat this: to quietly make it to retirement, doing nothing and avoiding getting involved in anything."

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According to the report, this situation led the FSB management to entrust complex tasks to unqualified personnel.

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“Some ensigns show up from rural farms, who don’t know how to do anything, but for a good salary, are ready to do anything,” says a former FSB employee.

Earlier, Russian media reports suggested that the Kremlin had implemented an unspoken ban on the dismissal of high-ranking officials.

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