This Is The Star Wars Camper Van You're looking For: Man Turns VW Into R2-D2

A Brazilian ‘Star Wars’ nut spent over 50 hours transforming his Volkswagen camper van into a four-wheeled R2-D2 tribute and now we’ve got massive vehicle envy.

The 1992 1.6l VW was adapted using bespoke vinyl stickers designed and created by César Aguzzoli who painstakingly applied them to the van’s bodywork, presumably using the Force.

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He says he decided to give his camper van a makeover after a ‘Star Wars’ marathon, opting to use Luke Skywalker’s Astromech droid Artoo as the design template, which, as he quickly found out, was much easier said than done.

He says it took 50 hours to take the van’s measurements and design the vinyl stickers used in the transformation, plus many more preparing the bodywork, and actually applying them to the van’s shell.

César’s guide to transforming your own VW camper van into R2-D2 can be found over on Instructables, but unfortunately, it doesn’t give any idea on the cost involved of doing it yourself.

César plans to add a Millennium Falcon to the roof of the van at some point, as well as hubcaps styled to look like R2-D2′s distinctive dome, but he’s since moved to the States, leaving the Artoo bus behind.

R2-D2, the bleeping robot companion of C-3PO, will return in December’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, or you could spot him sooner should you visit Brazil over the summer.

Image credits: Instructables