Independence Day 3D plans canned

Fox shelves an eye-popping version of the Smith/Goldblum disaster flick

20th Century Fox has binned plans to re-release 'Independence Day' in 3D format.

The studio had planned to bring the re-tooled version of the 1996 disaster movie out on July 3 next year, in time for the US Independence Day celebrations.

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Independence Day... 3D version is shelved (Copyright: Rex)

But after announcing the plans in May this year, the project has reportedly been shelved.

3D re-issues have previously proved lucrative for major studios, with the 3D version of 'Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace' earning Lucasfilm an additional $102.7 million (£64 million).

There are, however, long-rumoured plans to bring out two sequels to 'Independence Day', thought to be using the working titles of 'ID Forever Part One' and 'ID Forever Part Two'.

Producer Dean Devlin said over the summer that he'd been working again with the film's director Roland Emmerich.

“I can tell you that Roland and I have been working together for the first time in 11 years and we’re every excited about the idea of doing it,” he said.

“Whether or not we can make this happen, if we can get all the pieces to come together, that’s gonna be challenging. But creatively, for the very first time since we did the original, I feel we have a worthy concept, a worthy path to go.”