Indiana Jones 5: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Writer Returning


David Koepp, screenwriter of ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,’ has been confirmed as the writer on the recently announced fifth Indy movie.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, making Koepp the third confirmed figure involved in the production after star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg.

It remains unclear to what extent (if at all) producer and Indiana Jones creator George Lucas will be involved in the film. As with ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ this latest Indy adventure will be produced by Lucasfilm in its new home at Disney, Lucas having sold them the company in 2012.

News of Koepp’s attachment to the as-yet untitled fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ seems to be meeting a mixed reaction, with some commentators holding the writer culpable for the many failings of 2008′s 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’


Still, it is known the Koepp was working to George Lucas’s specifications whilst extensively reworking an earlier draft by Frank Darabont, then entitled ‘Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods’ (which many fans have insisted would have made a better movie).

Either way, Koepp has a largely impressive CV which includes the first two ‘Jurassic Park’ films, ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘Panic Room,’ and ‘War of the Worlds.’

Somewhat less auspicious is his recent directorial effort, Johnny Depp flop ‘Mortdecai.’

The fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ is set to hit cinemas in July 2019.

Picture Credit: Paramount/Lucasfilm, WENN

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