These insanely detailed Halloween-movie themed pumpkins will blow your mind

Dave Finkle’s pumpkins. (Sky Cinema)

Our half-hearted attempts at cutting a scary face out of a pumpkin have been well and truly put to shame.

Dave Finkle, world record pumpkin carver, has released a series of halloween-movie-themed pumpkins in association with Sky Cinema, all of which were made within 24 hours.

One of the incredible designs. (Sky Cinema)

His previous record stands at 20 seconds to carve a pumpkin, and he also held the record for most carved in one hour: 102 pumpkins.

Using only three tools, he recreated five terrifying scenes from some of the best Halloween movies.

The pumpkins displayed the chilling beam in the alien film classic, The Thing (1982), the eerie resurrection of the beloved cat in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (1989), the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man storming the streets of New York for Ghostbusters (1984), Carrie (1976) drenched in pig’s blood during her ‘time-to-shine’ prom moment, and the spine-chilling mask from Halloween (1978).

They were made to celebrate the launch of Sky’s new channel: Sky Cinema Halloween (303).

It’s been running since Monday 23 and will continue until 31 October.

The designs took 24 hours to complete. (Sky Cinema)

The new channel will be showing a variety of classic scary movies including Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

Finkle said “It was certainly a challenge to carve some of these incredible film moments – by the time I finished, I resembled something from a horror film myself!”

Dave in action (Sky Cinema)

“However, it was a really fun experience that got me in the mood for Halloween. I can’t wait to watch some of the classics on Sky Cinema Halloween over the next week, and I hope these pumpkins inspire people to go out and try their own carvings, too.”

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