Inside Out 2 shoots into top spot at the box office

On its first day in cinemas, Disney and Pixar flick Inside Out 2 brought in $62 million (£49 million).

Returning star Amy Poehler, who voices Joy, the lead voice in 13-year-old Riley's head, has shared her thoughts on the secrets of the franchise's success.

"Pixar are really good at smushing together entertainment and big ideas," she opined to the Guardian.

"It's not easy. You can write something important. And you can write something entertaining. It's hard to do both."

A sequel to 2015's Inside Out, the film chronicles a teenager's journey with four new emotions - Anxiety, Envy, Ennui and Embarrassment - as animated characters.

Figures from research service The Numbers indicate the movie is projected to enjoy an up to $100 million (£79 million) domestic opening weekend, which could make it the highest-grossing movie of 2024 so far.

The Parks and Recreation star is herself mum to two teens, Archie, 15, and Abel, 13, with ex-husband Will Arnett.

"You just want to weirdly crawl in your kid's head," Poehler shared.

"You're always like: what's going on in there? And of course, it's usually at the time when they have bouncers outside of their door."

Bad Boys: Ride or Die, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, fell from its number one spot at the box office to second place.

The Garfield Movie remained in third place with Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes moving up a notch to fourth.

Supernatural horror The Watchers, which was in second place last Friday, its opening day, slid down to fifth place with earnings of $1.1 million (£870,000).