Insulate Britain attacked with ink as they block A40 in west London and roundabout in Dartford

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Watch: Protesters from Insulate Britain covered in ink as they block A40

Insulate Britain caused rush hour chaos on Wednesday morning with further protests hitting Kent and west London.

Campaigners split their efforts with some occupying the A40 in North Acton and others blocking the exit to the Dartford Crossing in Kent.

One driver ripped a banner out of the activists hands while another threw ink across the face of a man.

Police officers in Kent have already made 14 arrests while the Met Police confirmed 17 arrests after protestors glued themselves to the road, and to one another.

Footage posted to social media showed a group of officers following demonstrators towards the Dartford Tunnel and arresting them before they make it onto the road. 

Christian, 77, was one of the demonstrators pelted with ink by an angry driver. 

The retired doctor told Greatest Hits Radio London News: “It wasn’t painful, it didn’t hurt - it was unpleasant, but just sad, the whole thing’s sad, it’s sad that we have to do this.”

Traffic came to a halt in both directions on the A206 at Crossways Boulevard, Greenhithe.

Protesters set up camp near a McDonalds on the A40 (Insulate Britain)
Protesters set up camp near a McDonalds on the A40 (Insulate Britain)

One activist said she was prepared to lose her home and go to jail for the cause.

Suzie, 47, from Cambridge, who works in childcare, said: “If going to prison and losing my home is what it takes to get the Government to do the right thing and cut our carbon emissions then it’s a price worth paying.

“I can’t be a bystander while this Government betrays the public, our children and future generations by failing to defend our country from the climate crisis.

“Insulating Britain’s leaky homes has to come first. It will cut out a huge chunk of our carbon emissions, help families struggling with their energy bills and end fuel poverty.”

Watch: Who is 'Insulate Britain'?

Ben, 36, a geologist from Somerset, urged more people to join the action.

He said: “There is widespread agreement that insulating our homes is urgent and necessary and that Government plans are inadequate.

“The only question remaining is: will you join us on the motorway to demand action now?”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers arrived at the scene within minutes and by 8.30am traffic was flowing in both directions.

“Each of the individuals was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway and conspiracy to commit public nuisance. They remain in custody as enquiries continue.”

Insulate Britain had warned motorists they would be occupying the M25 on Wednesday in the latest of a string of protests.


Motorists are still advised to expect delays and to use alternative routes where possible.

Speaking from the road in Dartford this morning, one protester told the Guardian: “Police arrived very quickly, arresting us. 

“It would have been good if we’d had a little longer but we’re here and we’re doing it. We’re still making the same statement whether it’s for a long period or short.”

Met Police said officers are on the scene at the protest blocking the A40 junction with Gypsy Lane in North Acton.

A spokesperson added: “Seventeen activists have been arrested, six of whom have locked themselves to the ground in order to frustrate our response. Specialist units are on scene to unglue them.”

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