The internet loves Jennifer Lawrence climbing chairs and clinging to wine at the Oscars

Ben Arnold
Balancing act (Credit: Getty Images)

Let it never be said that a few awkwardly placed chairs will stop Jennifer Lawrence from effectively attending to her wine.

The previous Oscar winner – she won for Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 – was snapped at last night’s Oscars impressively negotiating the stalls at the Dolby Theater, while balancing a beverage.

(Credit: Getty Images)

It was a brave and dextrous move, when also considering her golden, flowing Dior gown and heels.

On finding her seat, she then chatted to Meryl Streep – as one does – and Woody Harrelson, her old mucker from the Hunger Games movies.

(Credit: Getty)

The pics have, of course, gone rather viral.

You can see all last night’s winners here…

Ms Lawrence recently found herself plied with booze once again, while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

He pulled out a bottle of rum, and soon she was barefoot, and the pair were several shots in.

Among the subjects discussed were her pal Amy Schumer’s recent wedding, and her continuing crush on Larry David.

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