'Invisible Man' director Leigh Whannell battled studio boss over trailer spoilers

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The Invisible Man (Credit: Universal)
The Invisible Man (Credit: Universal)

Suspense and thriller movies more than any other suffer from having way too much information revealed in trailers.

Many complained that the snippets of the Invisible Man reboot from Saw creator Leigh Whannell and the Blumhouse studio did just that back in February.

Now studio boss Jason Blum has admitted that he's very much from the 'you can't show too much' school.

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Speaking to Digital Spy, he said that director Whannell had to stop him putting one key scene in the trailer, despite the his protests.

“I, of course, clearly err on the side of you can't show too much, and Leigh disagrees with me and he's probably right,” he said.

The Invisible Man (Credit: Universal)
The Invisible Man (Credit: Universal)

“There was one very, very key scene that Leigh didn't let us put in the trailer and I'm glad that he didn't let us put it in, but I really tried.”

He added: “You may think you've seen it all but you haven't.”

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The new movie re-angles the story of the scientist who discovers how to make himself invisible into that of an abusive relationship.

The Handmaid's Tale star Elizabeth Moss is the woman who is stalked by the scientist boyfriend she believed to have died.

And thus far, the critics have hailed the film as a wild success, notably Moss's performance, with a 90% 'fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Moss's full-bore performance... gives the movie its emotional stakes,” reckons The New York Times, while the Los Angeles Times calls is 'a smart and satisfyingly nasty piece of work'.

The movie lands in the UK tomorrow.

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